'In the short space of time that I’ve worked with Dusanka I’ve realised major improvements in my well-being (both physically and mentally). She is exceptionally supportive and enthusiastic, two traits that I really appreciate as I’ve battled chronic ailments for over 7 years. It’s been a positive and rewarding journey working with kinesiology and in particular Dusanka. I’d recommend her therapy if you’re struggling with chronic dis-ease and want to move back to a state of well-being, or just if you simply want to get in touch with your body and optimise your health.' C.P. male

'Having attended Dusanka's Kinesiology session only a few days ago I can already feel the positive effects. I have been sleeping much better and have a sense of peace. I finished my session feeling aligned and rejuvenated. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and she has a passion for helping others.
She did a thorough testing and talked me through the process while answering all my questions and concerns.The session was followed by a detail report and tips.
I would recommend Dusanka to anyone that is having health concerns or just if you want to check how is your current health and prevent future problems.' -
Tamara Medina Sapovalova, female

'Today I had an awesome Kinesiology session with Dusanka. I highly recommend her services. She definitely knows her stuff, and I now have a plan of what I need to do in order to balance my hormones. Thank you so much Dusanka xxx' -Sophie Watson, female

'Thank you, Dusanka, for an awesome session! The night after our session I slept wonderfully and woke up rested and content without jaw pain. Considering how much pain I had been in for 5 days this in itself is a miracle. :) The combination of muscle testing, conversation, and massage has me truly intrigued as you accessed what wanted attention through a combination of systematic kinesiology and intuition. I'm floored at how clear my body's message and information is about its needs. The Bach remedies that were a yes all make sense, and already the next day I could feel how they had had an effect. I felt lighter, a lot lighter. I'm so grateful for what you have already done for me, and I am looking forward to continue to work with you, balancing my body and system further.' –Maria Baeck, female

 'I can honestly say I am truly feeling the benefits of Kinesiology treatments with Dusanka.  Dusanka is warm and welcoming with a wonderfully calm and soothing voice.  She offers instant reassurance as soon as you enter her practice! Even after the very first treatment I felt wonderfully lighter in my body, my mind and my overall well-being! I have uninterrupted really good night sleep, I started losing weight and my body feels wonderfully rejuvenated.... Even my tooth which was hurting, feels no pain or sensitivity!!!  Dusanka treated me for my shoulder pain as well which improved 90% after the first treatment and after the second treatment the pain was gone and didn’t return. Many thanks Dusanka!' - Xandra Watts

'I have a really stressful job and I was addicted to sugar to give me energy to be able to cope with the daily stress. All of this was giving me fatigue, I was restless, I found it difficult to go to sleep and I felt out balance for a long time.   
My session with Dusanka was crucial. She performed a series of muscle tests to underpin main problems. She said that she found imbalance in my adrenals and said that my addiction to sugar comes from the exhausted adrenals. She also checked for supplements and we discussed diet. 
Even after the first session I walked out feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, it helped me a great deal with my anxiety and now I feel as though I can deal with it on a daily basis without that worry in the back of my mind. I feel so balanced that I don't crave sugar any more! And I have a good deep night sleep. I feel as if I am back to my good health. 
I would definitely recommend Dusanka and regular kinesiology treatments to anyone who have a stressful lifestyle.' 
Maya Zafirovska, female

‘I went to see Dusanka earlier this year after feeling out of sorts and generally unwell, my energy levels were pretty low.
Dusanka worked with dedication and a real passion to address my symptoms and intuit my needs. At the end of my session I felt invigorated and alert. My body and mind had a clarity that had been missing for so long. My energy levels increased over the ensuing days and I felt able to deal with life challenges with enthusiasm and a will to succeed.
I would highly recommend a session! Thank you Dusanka!’ -
Rani Virdee, female

​'I suffered from a shoulder pain for over 6 years, I had limited movements and pain when I was attempting to do simple everyday tasks. I have tried everything and everything was only a short term solution for dampening the pain and not really looking at the cause. Before the session Dusanka said that I may need several treatments as I had this condition for a longer time. Miraculously she managed to 'fix' my shoulder in one session. I don't know how, but it worked! Now it's 6 months after the treatment and I don't feel as if I have ever had the pain. I am so grateful for having my shoulder back into a full function! Highly reccomended! ' Boban Popovski, male

'I highly recommend going to Dusanka for Kinesiology. I felt much relief from my sessions with her. She is really knowledgeable in what she does and puts you immediately at ease. She has a great sense of what needs to be addressed. I look forward for my next session with her.' Hayley Mitchell, female