Is this treatment for me?

 Kinesiology is beneficial for everyone at any age, even babies, and with any known or unknown medical conditions. The best time to see a kinesiologist is when you are feeling well, as we can detect imbalances before they start presenting the symptoms. However, most people visit a kinesiologist when they need help with various health issues and symptoms that prevent them from living a healthy and happy life. 

​What happenes during the treatment?
We will begin the session by discussing the condition of your health and from the information we gather, we will start a series of muscle tests to determine where the imbalances are coming from. The muscle tests are performed laying down fully clothed by placing the limbs in various positions in a gentle and non-invasive way. 
After we find an imbalance, we will check your nutrition requirements in the form of herbal or vitamin/mineral supplements that will strengthen the corresponding muscle. We then continue balancing the muscle by performing series of lymphatic decongestion massages specific for that muscle or imbalance, flushing or tracing the meridians to which that muscle belongs and holding the corresponding acupuncture and neuro-vascular points.

How many sessions? 

The number of sessions depends very much on the individual and how fully they engage with the suggested plans. Usually, the client requires three to six visits, and sometimes more depending on what the issues are and how long they’ve been present. 

Your Investment

Initial consultation 90 min - £95
Follow up sessions 60min - £75

Block bookings:

Initial consultation + 3 follow up sessions = £288 (~10% off, save £32)
3 follow up sessions =£202 (~10% off, save 23)
Initial consultation + 6 follow up sessions = £463 (~15% off save £82)
6 follow up sessions = £382 (~15% off, save £68)

Please note that  any reccomended supplements, tinctures or remedies will be charged separately.

​If you need more information or to book a session feel free to contact us 

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